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ADIDAS ESTRO .6 (24/25)


or 3 payments of RM283.33 with

BJ0006 ESTRO .6

A trusted and classical mid – low bow stick for the all-round player. A shape designed for the player who takes control of the game in all situations and thrives on accuracy and composure.

A soft touch with crisp hitting is created by the engineered construction and fine-tuned shape of the Estro .6, blending perfectly to create a stick that helps the player take complete control of the game.

BOW: Mid-Low Bow – 250mm/22mm

HEAD SHAPE: Pure Control


· 3D GEOMETRY: The unique adidas stick shape that stiffens the shaft, giving increased hitting power and a cleaner, sharper finish. The cut away under side of the stick helps to lift the ball more easily.




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